Italian twin brothers Henry and Arthur D’Angelo immigrated to America where  energy of local fandom encouraged them to start peddling sports memorabilia on the streets of Boston at the mere age of 12. With a long history in sport, ’47 is a proud, official partner of the University of Kansas.

That same tenacious spirit that started in 1947 has infused the brand culture they enjoy today. As a second generation moves ’47 forward, they will never forget where it started – rooted in family values, genuine relationships and the simple belief that the future is what they create. Check out their collections and what they have designed for sports lovers!.

Bold, colorful, and Miami-inspired – the Super Bowl LIV ’47 Vintage Tubular collection is all that wrapped into three unique designs
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Creating Impact
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Retro Day Collection Details


Their Retro Day Collection includes eye-catching retro and current-day sports logos on our popular headwear silhouettes and 47 Vintage Tubular tees. The collection features teams from all four major leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL), as well as a selection of popular college sports teams. The headwear collection’s design also has subtle nods to the sport – featuring paper-mache style graphics such as the seams of a baseball or the texture of a football.

Here’s the full, exciting Retro Day Collection line-up:

  • ’47 CLEAN UP headwear: One of their best-selling hats with a relaxed, curved, and comfortable fit. Features their in-demand snapback CLEAN UP design.
  • ’47 MVP DP headwear: Offering a deep structured crown and a plastic adjustable strap, this hat also features their popular mesh back design.
  • ’47 Tubular Tee: Thanks to their special “20 year wash” and screen printing process, you can enjoy the lived-in feel with these retro-dyed ’90s-styled tees.
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Passion For Quality Materials

They are passionate about quality work and connected with their family ethics. At 47 every belief that values are very important for success, that’s the reason they have collaborated with many renowned brands.

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 College Gear For College Going Dudes!

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Don't Be Casual

The ’47 collage gear is acollection with flat embroidery on the front. Made from garment washed cotton twill.

• Relaxed Fit, Garment Washed
• Self Fabric Strap
• Front: Flat Embroidery
• Cotton Twill
• Imported

Try 47brand Collage Gear And Make Girls Crazy For You!

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“These students will be the ones defining the future of fashion and imagining what alternative modes of creation look like. ’47 Redesign is only the beginning”.

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47 deadstock apparel to reveal self-expression and personal flare

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“Imperfections are beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

All #47Mystery product is randomly selected. It could be NFL, MLB, NHL, MiLB, NBA, College, and many other sports licensed items. All products are specially designed after a lot of research on the trends. Women like their collections and love to wear while playing their favorite sports. Visit their store and buy want to love!