It’s amazing to watch your customers grow and turn their business into a profitable company. And we’re always proud when our AI integrated marketing platform helped them get there.

One platform that’s incredibly popular among our merchants is AiTrillion. It allows businesses to sell personalized products and drive recurring revenue.

Let’s look at 5 Shopify Stores who are already using AiTrillion and will win the market in 2020!

Shopify Stores who will win the market in 2020!



EasNWay is relatively new in the e-commerce space but has remarkably managed to create an inter-continental mark since its launch in 2019. The site, now established in other countries such as and Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, South Africa, Russia, the USA, UK, Egypt, and China. EasyNWay has a retail customer base that continues to boom.

EasNWay is known for providing electronics such as phones and gadgets or coffee machine. The site also offers other products such as home appliances, clothes, books, health and beauty products, and more. All its services are accompanied by a 30-days free return policy on a premium range of goods, making it an attractive choice for consumers.

Last year with the help of Email Marketing, Loyalty Reward and Ai Predictions, Easynway took the business to the next level.

I’m very satisfied with their helpful advanced features especially Email Marketing, Loyalty Reward and Ai Predictions.– Easynway



iHair sells fresh-cut, human hair in small and bulk quantities at the best prices. Available in plain pigtails, the hair is free of chemical treatment and has the same filament, hand-processed, cleaned and disinfected.

All hair is imported with a disinfection certificate to Hungary. The disinfection process does not damage the hair and its structure.

They called the company iHair because it is 100% natural, human hair from healthy and young ladies without chemically thinning or changing the texture of the hair. And have had success using integrated automated features for their business to generate recurring revenue. 

My monthly expenses have fallen to a fraction. Replaces almost all important applications within a single system … Reviews, abandoned cart, push notification, loyalty point management, etc. Customer service is fast and accurate. I highly recommend this app!– iHair


Lashybrows&Co creates beautiful natural-looking false eyebrows for women, men, and children; False brows that are easy to apply, maintain and look natural.

They find that nothing frames a face so beautifully or gives an instantaneous lift quite like perfectly shaped eyebrows; therefore they started working hard to provide a 5-star service from brow consultation, eyebrow matching, training and products to their clients.

In August, they installed AiTrillion and saw tremendous growth in their website traffic and sales. Though Lashybrows is satisfied with all AiTrillion’s features however they really like AiTrillion’s AI-powered analytics to track customer behavior and make smarter decisions.

Great App Platform. Everything you need from loyalty rewards program, review widgets, email marketing, push notification, chat bot, email template designer. The support team is AWESOME, I send an email and I guest a response within 10 hours. They also spent time to create documentation to guide you how to install the widgets. It takes a minute to go through everything and make sure it is installed correctly (alot of information) however the app itself can be integrated with other apps which I find nowadays we install so many apps but how do we integrate them together onto the website. I submitted a features request to the loyalty program and their team got right on it and will have it for me this week, at $0 cost ! talk about customer service.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST the app captures date, customers who viewed which products most, which emails attracted them, which customer spent the most etc. all in 1 and pricing is affordable.– LashyBrows


T-BOO is a one-stop poppin’ shop! They have their own manufacturing company that provides various kinds of hair and lashes. T-Boo was created to bring comfort in selecting high-quality hair and 3D mink lashes at affordable prices.

T-BOO Hair is 100% human hair, superior in quality and can be straightened, curled, dyed and bleached. In October, the owner of T-Boo integrated AiTrillion on her store, till now she is enjoying smooth customer engagement features of AiTrillion.

OMG, This App actually had more features than I expected, it’s so awesome. It’s all seems automated too, I love this app. It helps with product reviews, emails, rewards, etc. all you need to engage your customers. Another good thing is that you can disable certain features if you do not need them. I will highly recommend.– T-Boo


BeardKeeper hand made premium oils and balms, uses only natural ingredients, to ensure product quality and freshness. They only use the best and organic ingredients to bring together a blend that aids beard to be at its best.

BeardKeeper wants to offer the world the very best in premium oils and balms and are passionate about their brand to create an impact in the market with high-quality blends.

It’s been months, BeardKeeper is using AiTrillion and increasing repeat purchases with loyalty reward programs. AiTrillion not only reduces the amount of revenue lost due to cart abandonment, but it also enabled them to take advantage of further upselling opportunities.

Brilliant ! This app has increased my sales and the loyalty rewards has given my customers the extras push to buy my products. I have to say the customer service team at aitrillion are absolute brilliant! They have sent me up and got me going without disturbing my business/ I highly recommend ai trillion!– BeardKeeper