AiTrillion vs Multiple Apps

Less Cost
Save upto 72% of the cost on Shopify app monthly billing with AiTrillion.
Multiple Scripts
Increase your website speed by adding just AiTrillion & remove multiple individual apps.
Apps Dependency
Replace unreliable server based apps with our AWS infrastructure with AiTrillion.
Data Security
Industry standard AWS based secured cloud with just one app, your customer's data is in safe hand.

Powerful Features Tailored For Ecommerce Needs

Address your audience buying intent across different points in their customer journey. AiTrillion provides you the tools to move your first-time visitors towards loyal customers.
  • Workflow Automation Email

    Automate your store marketing with our eCommerce based automation email marketing tool. Setup automation in just one click.
  • Web Push Notification

    Win more customers with the power of push, reach the unknown visitors & unreachable customers by sending web push notifications.
  • Chatbot

    Never miss a sales opportunity, be one step ahead of a customer with AI Based chatbot. Now connect with your lead even when you are not around and acquire the customer.

Unleash The Power Of Marketing Automation.

Data is the fuel for personalized content. Using detailed lists and smart segments, your messages instantly drive more Engagement and create more value over time. So it’s not just email marketing, it’s more focused with automation and personalizaed.
Integrate in seconds. Insights in minutes.
All in one marketing platform to boost your store sales

What Our Client Say

  • 
    Being a one-person show, a big challenge is managing all the different apps needed for things like email marketing, reviews, loyalty programs etc. This app is an all in one solution. Since it does so much it can definitely seem daunting, however, spending a few days learning how the admin console works and figuring out how to set up everything is definitely worth it. It doesn't ad much lag to your site and it is a time-saver having everything needed to manage all those options in 1 dashboard.
    - Boundless Attitude Apparel
  • 
    I love the app. It provides maximum value for the price you pay. I've disabled other third party apps and consolidated all my marketing into this one tool. Great job! Looking forward to new features when they become available, specifically, would be good to have AI in a chatbox so I can prebuild questions and answers to anyone visiting website and make offers through the chat box to encourage more purchases. Also, would be good to track my Facbook campaigns and how they respond.
    - CloviTek
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