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Engagement By AiTrillion throughout Customer Journey on the store
Welcome Img

Welcome Message

Send welcome messages to build a strong relationship with them. Let them know about your new arrivals or best-selling products or introduce a welcome discount code right after they subscribe.

Solutions provided by AiTrillion-
  • Newsletter signup popup with a discount
  • Welcome email notification series
  • Send welcome web push
  • Encourage loyalty signup and reward them points
Abandoned Cart

Abandoned Cart

Cart abandonment is when customers exit your site after adding a product to their shopping cart. Studies suggest that on average, 70% of customers abandon their carts when shopping online.

Solutions provided by AiTrillion-
  • Send automatic creative email reminders for cart recovery.
  • Send automatic web push notifications for cart recovery.
  • Smart abandoned pop-ups will help customers to complete the cart before leaving the store.
  • The sales motivator bar encourages customers to reach the cart goal to avail offer and complete it.
  • The loyalty cart widget encourages customers to use the current points in the cart and complete the checkout.
Free Shipping

Shipping and delivery

Send notifications and emails to the customers for the shipping and delivery of the orders. It's the best time to up-sell your other services or products with these notifications.

Solutions provided by AiTrillion-
  • Send shipping & delivery email campaigns to your customers
  • Send web push notifications to all subscribed customers.
  • Send up-sell/cross-sell email campaigns in the automation once the order is placed.
  • Send campaigns for referral and affiliate programs, to make your customers your brand advocates
Product Review

Product Reviews

Increase social proof, engagement, and showcase customer experiences to enforce buying behaviors.

Solutions provided by AiTrillion-
  • Collect reviews with automatic post-purchase emails, web push notifications, review forms, and review popups.
  • Streamline product questions and answers.
  • Send automatic review requests and reminder emails to collect reviews.
  • Collect reviews using product images.
  • Increase social proof by sharing reviews on social media.
Retain Customer

Retain customer

Customer retention strategies are one of the most effective ways to turn new customers into repeat customers.The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%.

Solutions provided by AiTrillion-
  • Personalize your customer experience
  • Interest-targeted email marketing
  • Loyalty reward program
  • Upsell and cross-sell products
  • Re-purchase or replenishment program
  • Provide great customer service
Offer Promotions

Offers and Promotions

Running out of ecommerce sales promotion ideas? You’ve just discovered what could be the perfect solution. Present the right offer to the right audience, and you can create a selling frenzy.

Solutions provided by AiTrillion-
  • First-time shopper discount
  • Email list sign-up discount
  • Incentives for reviews
  • First purchase anniversary
  • Cart abandonment offer
  • Point-based rewards discount
  • Membership discount
  • Social follow for discounts
  • Refer-a-friend discount
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