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Our Mission

At AiTrillion, it’s our mission to help eCommerce sellers automate their marketing by targeting the right people with the right message using the right channel. We believe in providing customer-centric, result-oriented, cost-competitive, innovative, and functional business solutions to our clients around the globe.

To learn more about our Shopify app, you can simply install it and start driving sales and increasing customer engagement with 11+ tools and actionable analytics.


Founded in 2019, AiTrillion is the fastest growing eCommerce marketing platform across the world (175+ countries). AiTrillion has expanded well beyond its bellwether marketing research to provide leaders across the enterprise with the requisite business insights, advice and tools they need to achieve their goals and build the eCommerce store of tomorrow. Together with millions of eCommerce sellers, AiTrillion fuels the future of the business so that a more successful world takes form. $7B+ USD transactions analyzed by AI Analytics. 13.5M+ consumer network across the world.  1.3M+ online sellers across 175+ countries

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Journey of AiTrillion

Read Reviews from our Happy clients

I’m very satisfied with their helpful advanced features especially Email Marketing, Loyalty Reward and Ai Predictions.


I loved how the app was easy to use plus their are extremely respectable plus they personally optimized it to correctly correlate with ezosto all the staff is loving in supporting just eating to see a change in engagement other than that wonderful app ✅


This app has the most solid features of any marketing app I’ve ever used. Support is top-notch. Don’t pass this one up 🙂 Every time I have needed support they respond within an hour and often time they will offer to configure portions of the system I’m stuck on.


Amazing customer service from AiTrillion app they set me up instantly and answered all my questions, as well as their service leading me to increased sales, HIGHLY RECOMMEND

the commoners goods

This app is extremely useful, beneficial, and very affordable. I am still learning about all the app has to offer my store, but each day time I login I notice something new that I can do marketing wise.

bella valentina

Gain Insights and Accomplish your Mission-Critical Goals

Our clients turn to us for requisite management and customer insights, actionable analytics and advice,
delivered through our years of business experience.


Trusted Insights

Efficacious-thinking insights, verified peer-driven research, robust metrics, and data to help you make the right decisions. AiTrillion has developed precisely established research methodologies to help businesses grow.

Research & Advisory

Our insights direct you towards the right decisions. We understand consumer needs and wants to help enterprises grow in the right direction. We help sellers to effectively market products and services, and how to develop client loyalty.

Multichannel Marketing

Extend customer relationships and straighten multichannel flings to exceed business goals. With the help of AI and real-time customer insights, we help you align your multichannel marketing efforts to data-informed customer personas, and exhibit a direct impact on bottom-line results.

Customer Experience

Increase customer loyalty and advocacy with smart loyalty reward programs. AiTrillion helps brands to understand fundamental customer personas, map customer journeys, and design and optimize synergies to deliver innovation.

Increase Repeat Purchase

Repeat customers are not only going to help you increase your sales but they also help market your brand to new customers. AiTrillion helps eCommerce stores to achieve this by solid customer retention strategy in an effective and efficient way.

Increase Sales

Successful unified AI-Powered features enhance customers’ journey consistently and offer pleasurable experiences. Our experts are backed with years of experience to help you solidify your strategies and deliver results to increase sales.
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