What is AiTrillion?

With AiTrillion, sellers can mobilize campaigns across various online marketing channels like email, loyalty reward programs, reviews, push, and auto-optimize towards higher conversions powered by machine learning.
Traditionally, marketing clouds are way too expensive to implement, hard to learn and of-course rule-based. At AiTrillion, we have built an enterprise solution that is user-friendly, elegantly designed, fully integrated and learning-based.

" From the very beginning, we felt passionately about bringing integrity to the opaque E-commerce industry."

Founder, Manoj Dhanotiya

Who Are We?

We are AiTrillion! With a combined team experience of 30+ years, we are digital growth hackers. At AiTrillion, we aim to help sellers by incorporating our experiences across continents. Let’s just say that we learned the hard way what it takes to grow from $0 to $999999. Based on our decades of experience in creating and fine-tuning websites, optimizing traffic and amplifying reach to the customer, we have come to realize the process of making a huge profit-generating business.

AiTrillion is all in on AMAZON Cloud

Matching needs and ends seamlessly.

Industry’s most trusted brand, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. Data security and privacy protection of our clientele are the two very important factors for Aitrillion. Envisioned as the next generation paradigm, AiTrillion adopted an unmatched trustworthy environment to win the confidence of users. So now, you can take the most advantage of the latest technologies to innovate new strategies, automate personalization and customer engagement, deliver solutions fast, and measure your success.

Our Mission

  • To create a community of 1M+ sellers across the globe where everybody can flourish together.
  • To consistently empower businesses of all sizes to beget success with an easy-to-use, intelligent, automated marketing platform that is powered by Ai in its true sense.

Our Vision

AiTrillion aims to simplify the nuances of technology and create a simple yet powerful Ai-powered eCommerce platform. Using the power of crowdsourcing and technology, we shall allow sellers to focus on creating better products and offer better customer service, rather than focusing on the ever-advancing technology or getting into the “how-tos” of Online Marketing. We are working our way to becoming the pollyannas of automated technology such that sellers can be stress-free about how and whats of technology and focus on creativity in their business.

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