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Convert Any Store Into Ai Powered Smart Store

Successfully Onboard Your Customers And New Visitors

The best time to interact with your customers is when they are already on your website. That’s why we have designed all in one Ai Box where you get access to a variety of convenient options,  such as Loyalty points, Product and Site Reviews, Personalized product recommendation, Personalized in-app offers along with Email subscription.

Some Ways You Can Use Ai Box

Don’t wander around and get everything that you need to engage your customers in one place.
Ai Powered Smart Store Review


Placing reviews inside Ai Box will phenomenally increase the chances of your customers giving you more reviews on your store.

  • Do more sales with trusted reviews
  • Increase Organic Traffic With Rich Snippets

Loyalty Reward

Increase loyalty purchases by motivating your customers to spend the loyalty points earned by them through Ai Box.

  • Increase Engagement & Sales
  • Boost Social Audience
Ai Powered Loyalty
product Recommendation

Product Recommendations

Based on past activities Ai Box shows every customer exactly what they are most likely to be interested in, anywhere on your website.

  • In-Store Product Recommendations
  • Enhance The Shopping Journey Of Every Visitor

Personalized Offers

Send personalized in-app offers to your customers directly from inside the Ai Box. Convert new visitors into repeat customers.

  • Convert Visitors Into Buyer
  • Send Personalized Offers
Personalised Offer
Ai Email Subscription

Email subscription

Increase the list of your email subscribers and encourage them to engage more with your brand with email marketing.

  • Send Intelligent Email
  • Plan & Strategize Your Campaign

Ai Chat

Never miss a sales opportunity, be one step ahead of a customer with Ai based chatbots now chat with your lead even when you are not around and acquire the customer.

  • Engage & Acquire Customer
  • Chatbots: Don’t make your customers wait.

Additional Features


Welcome First time visitors

On-boarding can be hard to achieve. Greet a new audience and help them immediately see the real value on your website.

Boost your website ratings

We let you collect customer feedback and ask your biggest fans to write a review. Because behind every review there is an experience that matters.

Drive feature adoption

You can effortlessly raise awareness about the cool features of your product by using personalized in-app offers. A perfect way to make your website even stickier.

Deliver personalized recommendations

AiTrillion’s unmatched targeting capabilities create the impeccable way to send the personalized recommendation to every customer.
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