Map Your Customers Path With Ai Prediction

AiTrillion helps you predict your customers next move with the combination of data based on behavior and actions performed by customer.

Drill Deeper Into Customers Data

Your Future Success Depends On Customers’ Data

Proficiently grab customers’ data through loyalty programs, subscriptions and feeding it into AI engines to get better at selling. Know precisely your customer behaviors and their pain point and design your marketing strategy accordingly.


Transforming Data Into Future Insights

AiTrillion helps you forecast future outcomes based on historical customer data and analytics techniques. With our predictive analytics, you can generate future insights with a significant degree of precision and can revamp your business strategy to gain huge sales.

Segment By Every Single Customer Detail

Segment By Every Single Customer Detail

Use AiTrillion’s Ai-powered automatic segmentation tools to find the groups who are close to conversion and the ones close to churning. Highly relevant personal – based precision filters such as Last seen, First seen, Last contact, Shopify id, Total spent, etc will automatically segment your customers.

  • Segment on behaviors
  • Target based on events
  • Generate better results


Ai Predictions Based on Various Touchpoints

With AiTrillion predictive analytics platform, you can now use past and current data to reliably forecast trends and behaviors of customers to maximize occupancy and revenue.Leverage powerful Ai predictions for well-defined segmentation to continue the personal conversations with your subscribers, visitors, and customers on the web.

AiTrillion’s predictions are based on:

  • Time-Based Predictions
  • Day Based Predictions
  • Price Based Predictions
  • Location-Based Predictions

Over 130K+ eCommerce Stores grow with AiTrillion

Increase repeat purchase and customer lifetime value with points and rewards that give customers more reasons to return to your store. Encourage them to Share and Refer their friends to your store.

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