Searching for the perfect Omnisend alternative that not only automates your email marketing but gives you other integrated marketing tools. Then AiTrillion is just for you. AiTrillion offers everything you need under one roof and at a 3X cheaper price.

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What is AiTrillion

AiTrillion is the first-ever SaaS-based Artificial Intelligence enabled – all-in-one marketing platform for eCommerce sellers. At AiTrillion, we aim to help sellers by incorporating our experiences across continents. We are here to consistently empower businesses of all sizes to beget successful with an easy-to-use, intelligent, automated marketing platform that is powered by AI in its true sense. AiTrillion powers over one million businesses in more than 175 countries and is trusted by many world-renowned brands.

3 Key Pillars of AiTrillion

  • Integration
  • Automation
  • Actionable Analytics

What is Omnisend

Omnisend is an all-in-one email and marketing automation suite that allows online sellers to create email campaigns in minutes, create complex automation flows, and precisely target their subscribers with smart segmentation.

There is no denying that Omnisend is a powerful tool. But do you only need email marketing to boost sales? The answer is obviously ‘No’. Any smart marketer demands something that will take to their business to the heights of success by keeping the cost low.

With Omnisend you are burning your pocket. Omnisend charges $60 per month for 5000 customers, whereas AiTrillion only charges $49 per month for all the 11+ features including email marketing. Refer complete pricing structure of AiTrillion here

AiTrillion on the other hand provides email marketing + smart segmentation + workflow automation + ready-to-use creative templates and most importantly the integration of email marketing with other features like web push notifications, reviews, loyalty rewards program, product recommendations, and other 11+ features for better growth.

Quick reference feature comparison table


Features AiTrillion Omnisend
Web push notifications Y Y
Smart popup Y N
Loyalty program  Y N
Recommendation product  Y N
Drag and drop email editor Y Y
Segmentation & filters Y- AiTrillion provides 70+ filters Y
Pre-built email templates Y Y
Send bulk emails Y Y
Email scheduling Y Y
Pre-built workflows templates Y Y
Send loyalty based emails automatically Y N
Send review based emails automatically Y N
Post-purchase workflow Y N
Welcome workflow series Y Y
Newsletter followup email Y Y
Product up-sell Y Y
Replenishment reminder Y N
Purchase follow up Y Y
Customer reactivation Y N
Abandoned cart series Y Y
Loyalty point emails Y N
Win back email series Y N
Browse abandonment Y Y

Omnisend Alternatives FAQ

Is AiTrillion free?

Yes, AiTrillion does have a free plan in which you can avail of all the features.

How does AiTrillion compare with Omnisend?

AiTrillion is built with the aim of solving the problem of the eCommerce industry from the core for users. And it has been doing so for thousands of eCommerce stores, with its extremely intuitive UI, and excellent 24/7 live support.

Why should I look for alternatives to Omnisend?

To maximize efficiency, both in terms of time and money, without sacrificing revenue goals. Omnisend is not the best pick with the above in mind. AiTrillion gives you the power of 11+ features in one platform.

Can I migrate from Omnisend to AiTrillion for free?

Yes, it is free. Migrating all your data is easy with AiTrillion. You can also avail AiTrillion’s free migration services to make the switch absolutely seamless.

Does AiTrillion offer guides, tutorials, and or customer support?

A: AiTrillion provides 24/7 online customer support as well as a knowledge base that can be found on AiTrillion official website.

How AiTrillion will help you save money?

With an integrated platform of all features in one place, you will get huge savings instead of installing individual apps costing you the same price for a single feature. We have a club of around 11 must-have eCommerce features that will help you in saving cost as well as time to set up and communicate with different teams providing individual features.

Will this slow down your store speed?

Our platform is 100% optimized and tested with a lot of premium stores onboard. We also help you in optimizing your store speed optimization by removing many unnecessary apps and code which can be replaced by just our platform. Our dedicated manager will guide you in the process and help you in optimizing your store speed also if you are in a problem.

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