AiTrillion v/s. Other Shopify Apps For eCommerce Marketing

Have you been struggling to choose between AiTrillion and other Shopify apps? Would you rather check out a detailed comparison among AiTrillion and other eCommerce apps?

The detailed comparison between AiTrillion and other eCommerce apps will help you to make the apt choice. The main difference when comparing AiTrillion and other eCommerce apps is that:

AiTrillion is an Ai-powered automated marketing platform with 10+ engagement channels.

Without further ado, let’s compare the features, pricing, and other things you should know about AiTrillion & other apps.

AiTrillion v/s Klaviyo

AiTrillion’s email marketing and automated feature is far better than Klaviyo. From welcome emails to sales funnels and customer engagement, AiTrillion is a one-stop solution for all eCommerce stores who want to gain access to one key that can open multiple locks.

For better brand visibility, engaging customers, retaining loyal customers, and at the same time, generating profitable growth, Shopify store owners are using AiTrillion.

Customers who switched to AiTrillion see an average increase of 3X in total store revenue. Just one of the many reasons why AiTrillion averages 4.7 / 5 stars on the Shopify app store.

AiTrillion & Klaviyo might look like similar tools for automated email marketing. However, they are way beyond distant from twinning.

AiTrillion offers many additional channels like 

  • Loyalty Reward Programs,
  • Web Push notifications,
  • Product Recommendations,
  • Ai-powered ChatBot, 
  • Smart PopUps, 
  • Announcement Bars and many more services

While Klaviyo is built purely for Email Marketing.

On the other hand, AiTrillion offers all the tools you need to create exclusive email campaigns

  • 40%Store Revenue
    Email Marketing Channel Should Be Driving 25-40% of your Store Revenue.
  • 10XClick Rate
    AiTrillion interactive emails increased the email click rate by 10X.
  • 150%
    Grew Subscribers
    AiTrillion Smart Popups grew subscribers active email list by 150%

Email Design

Drag & Drop Email Editor

AiTrillion’s drag-and-drop email designer lets you set up beautiful campaigns in minutes. It helps you to easily switch up content as well as layouts and create an email that gives your brand a new life.

  • Create a professional-looking email in no time
  • Intuitive drag & drop builder to perfectly match your brand
  • Personalization Shortcodes to bring life in emails

Pre-built Email Templates

AiTrillion offers More than 50+ pre-designed templates including all the content blocks and design elements you need to launch a quick eCommerce campaign.

  • Access exclusive predesigned templates and graphics
  • Easily customize templates in a minute
  • Add Products dynamically based on collection

Send Bulk Emails to Customers List

With AiTrillion, you can easily define several rules to classify, select, and filter your contacts more precisely. You can also implement contact segmentation on your email lists to optimize your open and click rates.

  • Filter contacts by list/segments
  • Select Messages and Templates easily
  • Schedule your emails

Automate Your Marketing and Sales with eCommerce Based Workflows

Create a set of rules and conditions that trigger the actions you want to automate.

  • Prebuilt eCommerce based email workflow series
  • Welcome, abandoned cart, Loyalty and Review email series
  • Product Recommendations in Email Automation

Newsletter and Exit Intent Smart Popups to capture Emails

AiTrillion allows you capture more emails, reduce abandoned carts, and drive more sales with smart popups for your store.

  • Creative popup templates
  • Behavior-based smart popups
  • Connect with a list and email automation

Track and evaluate email marketing statistics

With our advanced reports section, you can check your email status with ease including the number of emails sent, opens and clicks.

  • Detailed Reporting of Every Campaign
  • Open/Click report of every email
  • View the exit list of contacts how open/click emails

The Main Difference Between AiTrillion and Klaviyo

Modules AiTrillionKlaviyo
Email Marketing
Loyalty Rewards
Product Review
Work Flow Automation
Web Push Notification
Ai Popups
Announcement Bars
AI Predictions & Custom Audience
Product Recommendations
Chat Bot


When it comes to protecting your wallet, you’ll often be overcautious and try to remain well under your overall marketing budget to allow you to splash on something else. However, Klaviyo’s most notable drawback is its extravagant pricing.

With AiTrillion, being competitive with price, provide 10+ features to engage your customers. Overall, as an eCommerce webstore, you can save up to 75% on the pricing by integrating AiTrillion.

AiTrillion v/s Loyaltylion

Loyalty Reward Programs feed the current frenzy and the greatest needs of consumers today.  AiTrillion’s loyalty reward program ensures your customers keep coming back to you by rewarding them for the desired behaviour. With AiTrillion engage & retain your customers with real-time and personalized rewards.

What Makes AiTrillion Trusted By Over Thousands Of Global Brands?

  • Enhanced Loyalty Programs with Event Based Triggers
  • Easy POS, Wallet & Ecommerce Integrations
  • Omnichannel Registration & Loyalty Point Redemption
  • Flexible Loyalty Program 
  • Intuitive and Seamless Loyalty Management

AiTrillion has separate reward programs for product reviews, store reviews and Q&A which help you turn your visitors into loyal customers. It also offers rich snippet along with the product review gallery and product review page.

By collecting and leveraging reviews you can also enhance your SEO and ranking in search engine result page. You can entice your customers by giving them loyalty points on leaving a review which will help you to boost sales and collect more and more reviews.

You can also create activity rules that motivate actions at every stage of your customer journey.

  • Make a purchase
  • Create an account
  • Visit Store
  • Birthday
  • Review Product
  • Follow on Social profile
  • Share on Facebook
  • Refer a Friend
  • Facebook Share Popup on Thankyou Page
  • Allow Push Access

With AiTrillion’s segmentation and analytics, you can better understand individual buying behaviors. Easily leverage those insights within your loyalty dashboard to increase lifetime value and make customers feel like VIPs.

  • Evaluate and optimize program performance
  • Focus marketing efforts on your most valuable customers
  • Identify at-risk customers and re-introduce them to your brand
  • A/B test your loyalty program to set your store apart

Let’s take a look into Loyaltylion:

  • Loyaltylion is built only to offer 
  • Loyalty emails, 
  • Loyalty points & rewards, 
  • Loyalty tiers
  • On-site loyalty notifications, 
  • Real-time statistics, 
  • Referrals & rewards management
  • In-cart rewards, instant points & tiers

AiTrillion v/s Yotpo

Let’s discuss things you should know about AiTrillion & YotPo marketing automation services. 

AiTrillion can help you boost your conversion ratios by collecting and leveraging reviews, ratings and Q&A with Ai-powered solutions. Its powerful and user-friendly review collector gives your customers a simple way to quickly leave reviews on products and store. You can collect reviews with multiple ways:

  • Review In-Email Form
  • Review Reminder Emails
  • Reviews with Photos Product
  • Review Form Smart
  • Review Popup Site and Product Review button

AiTrillion also provides exclusive widgets to showcase your reviews on your store. It builds trust and boosts the confidence of your visitors in the store. 

Display reviews, ratings and Q&A across your website and flaunt your customer content throughout the buyer journey. 

  • Product Review Gallery Carousel
  • Review Gallery Full
  • Review Page Widget
  • Review Floating Button Product
  • Rating Snippet Google Rich Snippet SEO

Customer Retention

Reach your customers to leave a review with email automation and push notification. Setup multiple reminders to capture reviews and reward them to leave a review on your store.

  1. Product Review Gallery
  2. Carousel Review Gallery
  3. Full Review Page Widget

You can also set up multiple reminders to capture reviews with email automation and push notification.

Use  AiTrillion to shape up reviews into actionable insights and help your customers make better purchasing decisions by combining reviews, product photos,and Q&A across all channels.

You can also set up multiple reminders to capture reviews with email automation and push notification.

Use  AiTrillion to shape up reviews into actionable insights and help your customers make better purchasing decisions by combining reviews, product photos,and Q&A across all channels.

Along with offering automation to get more verified reviews, AiTrillion offers many additional channels as a part of its slew of automated marketing service offerings like —

  1. Email Drip Campaigns, 
  2. Campaign Segmentation
  3. Website Visitor Tracking
  4. Channel Management
  5. Lead Management
  6. Analytics (ROI Tracking)
  7. Loyalty Reward Programs, 
  8. Web Push notifications, 
  9. Product Recommendations, 
  10. Ai-powered ChatBot, 
  11. Smart PopUps, 
  12. Announcement Bars and many more. 

Yotpo is known to help brands of all sizes collect and showcase reviews, photos, and Q&A to build buyer trust, and drive traffic for eCommerce stores.

Yotpo has to offer Social Push, Commenting, Reviews Carousel, Emails, Rich Snippets, Coupons, Site Reviews, and Smart Review Reminders to get more reviews.

Yotpo has integrated 

  1. For Email Marketing with Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Listrak, Omnisend, Remarkety, and Hubspot – To capture and convert customers and also to enrich reviews and star ratings in email campaigns with social proof and triggers based on reviewer data.
  2. For Loyalty Reward Programs with LoyaltyLion,, Swell, Zinrelo, and Antavo – To reward customers for writing product reviews, and give feedback for products they have purchased.
  3. For Messenger Bots with Octane AI & Flashchat – To leverage messager bots for building lists of users eligible to receive Messenger Campaigns and for sending useful updates and Win-Back messages.

AiTrillion v/s.

AiTrillion has a huge advantage of being a free eCommerce marketing platform. If you are on a budget and want to increase your customer engagement, then this is an e-commerce marketing platform that you may want to consider.

There are some extensions that you can use that do cost money, these extensions come with addo benefits and much more powerful features. Another big benefit to AiTrillion is that it’s flexible. Because it has the power of Artificial Intelligence, you can get it to do almost anything you want, this includes

Email Marketing, Loyalty Rewards Program, Product Reviews, Web Push Notifications, Live Chat & Chatbot, Smart Popup & Forms and Announcement Bar, Analytics, Customer Segmentation, Customer Timeline, Artificial Intelligence, Predictions Product Recommendations, Personalization, Custom Audience and Ai Box.

This is a platform that some of the biggest brands in the world use, it works for stores of all sizes. If you don’t want to mess around with code or have little technical knowledge, AiTrillion is a great choice because it offers a huge list of built-in features. It’s life time plans start from $160, which is appealing.

AiTrillion offers everything you need to drive Long-Term Growth on one platform.

Whereas is built only for Loyalty Reward programs, and it is best compatible with small eCommerce businesses. powered up its rewards program by tie-up with various other providers for additional marketing tools and creates excitement around community by rewarding customers for creating an account and making purchases. allows sellers to:

  • Reward customers for all types of valuable engagement
  • Reward for purchases is just one component of an effective program.
  • Points for account creation
  • Account creation
  • Points for social sharing
  • Social shares
  • Points for purchases
  • Purchases
  • Points on a birthday
  • Birthdays
  • Points for social follows
  • Social follows

Best Used For
eCommerce CRM
Customer Prediction
Order follow-ups
Welcome Emails
Customer Profiles
Abandoned Cart series
Smart Sending
Customer segmentation
Smart popups
Custom Audience (Segmentation according to on-site behavior)
Ai Box (Relevant in-app notifications)
Data Enrichment (get a 360° view of your customers) 
Network insights
Announcement Bars
Personalized Offers
Email Drip sequencing & scheduling
Pre-loaded Email Themes to choose from
Multilingual Frontend Support
Gift Card Management
Activity tracking

AiTrillion v/s

AiTrillion is more than just a review platform with a number of Ai integrated apps whereas is only a review app for eCommerce store that offers multiple widget themes.
AiTrillion assists in engaging your customers to leave a review with email automation, smart pop ups and push notifications and setup multiple reminders to capture reviews and reward customers to leave a review on your store.

It also provides exclusive widgets to showcase reviews on your store and builds trust and boosts the confidence of visitors on your web-store.

AiTrillion’s Product Reviews: (automation & reminder) encourage customers points

  • Encourage customers to give reviews by sending them push notifications. 
  • Stay on-brand with fully customizable & frictionless review requests.
  • Set automatic review reminders.
  • Schedule option to reach your customers at any time. 
  • Reward loyalty points for writing a review.
  • Detailed insights..
  • Send automated emails & create alerts to notify team members of significant feedback.
  • Create review cases & respond to reviews directly to get closer to your customers.
  • Review Authentication by Aitrillion
  • Group reviews product-wise

While powers product reviews on an eCommerce store, with text, photo and video, and allows you to share individual reviews on all major social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. Judge me also let merchants to add review images and review content with its easy to use editor.

With, reviewers can also use images and videos in their reviews, and build product FAQ by hosting a Q&A section on product pages.

Let's have a close look:
Shop & Site Reviews
Loyalty Reward Program
Omni-channel Integrations
Drag and drop email builder
50+ Predesigned best-practice email templates
Email Drip sequencing & scheduling
Customer Segmentation
Loyalty emails
One-Off Email Campaigns
Announcement Bar
Customer Engagement
Smart Popups