Colineal Corp. is a company with more than 40 years of experience dedicated to the retail sale of furniture, accessories, and household items, in Ecuador, Panama, and Peru.

Roberto Maldonado Álvarez, and his friend Iván Barros A, started colineal without any experience in the furniture industry. On December 15, 1976, they opened the first store in the city of Cuenca, only in 6 days, they had sold all the merchandise. From that day on, COLINEAL begins a new stage of constant growth and to cross borders, first that of Cuenca, and then that of Ecuador. Now they have various warehouses in the different cities of Ecuador, the acquisition of a company as prestigious as Heritage.

Since 2014 Colineal, together with the Fundación Junior Achievement Ecuador and the Association of Graduates of INCAE of Cuenca, is part of the”Training of Young Entrepreneurs” Program. This program started with the idea of ​​helping students with basic education in schools.

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Now, COLINEAL CORP. is the leading furniture company in Ecuador. Its products are designed with the highest quality to meet the requirement of foreign clients. From the hands of an artisan and the unique and dynamic ideas of its manager, today the COLINEAL CORPORATE GROUP is a reality, which has solidified itself over time building … A STORY FOR A LIFETIME.

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Today more than 600 people working with Colineal to design quality products for Ecuadorian homes and the world. They have 40 years in the Ecuadorian market and have become the largest furniture company in the country in Latin America. Colineal has 23 stores in Ecuador, 3 stores in Lima – Peru, and 1 store in Panama City.

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The endless search for strategic partnerships with international suppliers has allowed Colineal Corp. to work with the best furniture brands in the world, providing their clients with more quality, new concepts, and lifestyles.

Colineal Corp. is the first furniture company to obtain the ISO 9001-2000 Certification in Latin America, All their products are manufactured under the highest quality standards and are carefully embellished by a human team that takes care of each and every detail.

Colineal furniture
Colineal furniture

“We allocate the necessary resources to carry out good practices in the field of health and safety management, and we create a culture of prevention in all collaborators”. #colineal

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