Cunninghamliving is a family-owned business that has been serving its customers for more than fifty years. Cunningham Living has a wide range of modern products like barbecue grills, outdoor kitchens, rustic coolers, lighting, fire pits. They also have fireplace gas logs!

Cunninghamliving is a child company of Cunningham Gas Products established in 1949. Ralph Cunningham, the founder of the company set three foundation rules for the company i.e work hard, be honest, and treat others how you expect to be treated.

A few years later, they launched their gas products business, named Cunningham Gas Products.

In 1976, Jeff, the third-generation founder joined the family business. Today, he is the company president.

In 2015, the company diversified again with the purchase of Haggard’s Rustic Goods,  hand-built, rustic coolers, furniture, and decorative items made of repurposed barn wood.

Today the company is still expanding and evolving by combining more new products and services, like Breezesta poly outdoor furniture, outdoor firepits, in-store grilling classes, and electric lighting for indoor and outdoor use. With all of these innovations comes a new company name on their 70th anniversary-Cunningham Living.

Cunningham Living has started using AiTrillion’s GiftRegistry App to help customers build a wishlist of gifts & create everlasting memories.

“The primary reason we created a website was to find a less-expensive alternative to the $30,000 a year we were spending on Yellow Pages ads. “I am a salesman trapped in a business owner’s body”. “Like my father and grandfather, I’m always turning over rocks, looking for opportunities to grow and better serve our customers”. Jeff.

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At Cunninghamliving, you will find a variety of grills based on your requirements. They have American Outdoor Grill, Fire Magic Grills, Le Griddle
MHP and RCS Gas Grills.

Cunninghamliving’s grills are designed with diamond dear stainless steel with distinctively designed analog thermometer including polished bezel. Its solid brass valves help in controlling precise temperature control. The burner of the grills is made of advanced high-quality 300 series stainless steel and contains vaporizer panels for even heat distribution.
Built-in grill head with rotisserie kit also includes easy to handle 4-prong adjustable meat holder for rotisserie, easy to use drip collection system, and “Rapid Light” piezo ignition system. No electricity is required in this built-in grill.

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Cunningham Gas Products (Spring, TX)
Cunningham products


Experience the warmness & beauty of a fire inside your home with Real Fire Gas Logs. Vented, vent-free, or contemporary, they have a wide range of styles for everyone. Cunninghamliving helps you set up a perfect warm place in your living room and wherever you want with a quality product at an effective cost. All the accessories are available at their store that you need for the perfect setup of a fireplace.

The Platinum Bright Embers make the basic glowing embers glow much brighter. One box contains a small portion of embers that only sit on top of the silica sand or sprinkled in with the standard embers.



All the items that needed for making your outing campaigning perfect are available at Cunninghamliving. MC37M hessaire cooler is the best and most versatile cooler in the market. This compact, yet powerful cooler gives a blast of cooling with a patented winged prop and three panels of high-density inflexible media. With its four casters, you can take it anywhere.

Hessaire cooler featuring oscillating louvers to cover a wide area noiselessly. The manual controls make it comfortable for you to adjust the temperature settings to attain optimal cooling anywhere. This cooler also includes a cooling pad for maximum cooling and longer life, a float valve for garden hose adapter, manual fill door, easy-to-read water level display, a high-velocity axial fan blade, and a top tool tray.

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out door chimney
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“Robben and I take seriously the responsibility of carrying on the legacy left by my grandfather and parents. We strongly believe that God put us in this position to live our lives as an example, not just for our family, but our staff members and customers, too.”

Jeff, Founder of Cunninghamliving