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Reach and target your customers by breaking them down based on distinctive attributes.

Custom Audience to Better Segment Your Customers

Keep communications highly relevant by engaging with different, but defined, sections of the audience. Reach and target your customers by breaking them down based on distinctive attributes.

Price based
custom audience

This insight will let you know the exact number of people buying under different price ranges. For instance, a discount code can tempt a low price range segment, and the launch of a product with new features might induce high price rangers into making a purchase.


custom audience

Plan and strategize based on the time people prefer to purchase on your store. Get insights about what time most of your customers are online and then blast your messages accordingly. Sending notifications to online customers increases click and open rate and might boost up the conversions.

Product based
custom audience

Group and segment customers based on the range of products purchased. Now you know exactly which customer is enticed by what kind of product. Using these insights you can blast the most relevant content to your customers based on their buying pattern and history.


Color based
custom audience

Know which colored products entices your customer into making a purchase. With custom audiences, you can be cognizant of your customer’s favorite color. AiTrillion will tell you which colored product should be pitched to which segments for high purchases.


Directly Target Audience
Through Facebook

Deliver different experiences to audiences.

Using this feature of Ai based Custom Audience you can target ads to the audience you’ve created on Facebook and Audience Network.

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