Customer Segmentation

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Target Your Customer Audience Like A Pro

Rule-based segmentation

Gain a deeper understanding of your audience and improve your marketing return on investment by defining distinct customer segments based on collected customer information.

Behavioral targeting

Behavioral Targeting

Increase conversions by automatically re-targeting users based on in-app events.

Segment-based Customer Insights

Segment your customers based on hundreds of variables such as demographics, engagement, and social to get an in-depth understanding of your market.

One click targeting

Cross-channel Targeting

We let you target your segments across all marketing channels like; email, on-site, push.

Imagine what your company could achieve
if every interaction with your customers were intelligent?

no more manual

No More Manual Segmentation

Deep Data-Driven Segmentation – Use AiTrillion’s Ai-powered automatic segmentation tools to find the groups who are close to conversion and the ones close to churning. Highly relevant personal – based precision filters such as Last seen, First seen, Last contact, Shopify id, Total spent, etc will automatically segment your customers.

Find The Optimal Time To Engage Your Users

Increase the relevance of your marketing by sending messages based on a particular event. Use our 100+ dynamic triggers for increased precision while sending a message. (e.g. when someone places an order, but only if they buy specific items).

Deliver Right Information To The Right Person At The Right Time

No matter who you serve, they will always have one thing in common – they expect to receive the right information at exactly the right time. Invest in meaningful relationships with your known & unknown audience based on their interests, habits, likes & dislikes. Win their hearts with AiTrillion & deliver on the promise of relationship marketing at scale.

Real-Time In-Depth

AiTrillion turns Big Data into Big Opportunity. By eliminating the latency of traditional analytics, AiTrillion enables you to ingest data at high volume (such as batch and streaming data) at enterprise scale and provides a deeper level of customer understanding so you can deliver timely relevant offers.

Choose The Best Channel To Interact With Your Customers

With the help of Ai, the report will automatically recommend the best channel that should be used for higher-customer engagement.

Know What Is Going On

Machine learning make your data effortless to comprehend. Analyze the industry trends to your advantage. Use AI to conduct a detailed comparison between different products.
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