Toronto, Canada-based women-owned company Feather Beautiful is dedicated to designing handmade toys for birds. All the products that are created, made, and shipped are made at a smoke-free home. Fatma, the owner of the company makes handmade bird toys and also stationery items that are bird-themed.

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“A dedicated shop for you and your pets! Offering the best toys, food, treats, and stationery for bird lovers”!

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At Feather Beautiful, you can also buy sprouted or germinating seeds made from the simplest approach with fresh greens. They are a healthy food supplement for all birds and can also be added on top of their bird chop. All the ingredients are nonchemical!

The Feather Beautiful toys for your small-sized birds are 100% Bird safe and a fun workout for small birds! Trifles are great for birds to play outside or inside of their cage. Pets in bondage don’t have the moment to engage in the same activities they naturally would in the wild. Toys are incredibly important to the mental and physical health of your parrot.

Always choose toys for your birds based on their size, material, and durability. Examine toys and accessories daily and remove broken pieces or threads daily. Consider observing your bird with all toys, especially new toys and toy parts, for safety. Most importantly, all products are stored away from the flock. Safety is my number one concern for flocks.

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Fatma, the woman behind Feather Beautiful has always had a huge passion for birds and animals – As a result, she launched Feather Beautiful in 2014 and created what you see today. Fatma has five parrots. She aims to provide affordable toys for birds all around to bird at reasonable prices!

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