Customer Timeline

Customer Journey & Timeline From An AI Perspective

Understand a customer’s timeline with the context from every interaction.

All customers go through a journey as they interact with your brand. If you graph these experiences you get a timeline. AiTrillion summarizes every activity and transaction of your customer in a single location for easy understanding. Further, our AI Engine has the capability to intelligently track the activity of each customer, and chronologically arrange their them in a timeline with the relevance to their transactional history. So you can track events and manage your sales in one place.
Track customer engagement.
Tracking and collecting information regarding your customer actions when they land on your website — Email opened, push received, products purchased, etc. and how the customer engagement is carried out by AI engine.
Predict your customers in advance.
By tracking your website visitors, you get a visual idea of what are they looking at, where they are in the buying journey and how likely they are to make a purchase on your store. Finely target your campaigns and hone the message to hit exact pain points of your customers.


Know your web visitors.
Anytime a visitor visits your web page and fills out a signup form, AiTrillion automatically creates a new record with information they provide. Then those New visitors automatically receive AI enabled messages and offers. This is how our AI engine engages and converts a new visitor in your store.

What AiTrillion can do for you!

AiTrillion helps you significantly reduce the time spent manually going through reports. It gives you the insight into the goings-on of your customers by tracking their events, which you consider key, and putting them at your fingertips via customer timeline.

You can cast your net as wide as possible and get an overview of everything that’s happening, then drill down and focus on events, pertaining to a particular customer, where you feel a need for a closer inspection.

With AiTrillion you not only know if and when an event occurred, but you also know why & how, because each event has context. Was an email received from the customer? How many pushes were clicked and actioned upon? You can read the entire chain of messages sent directly through our customer timeline– no need to dig into old records.