Data Enrichment & Insights

Data enrichment and Insights

Your Product’s Future Could Be Hiding In Your Own Data.

Acquire, retain and engage with powerful analytics.

Enhanced Customer Insights At Your Fingertips.

Uncover new trends in your data automatically. Complement your analysis and discover the best actions to take in less time with Artificial intelligence and advanced statistics tools.

Outrun the human-brain – AiTrillion automatically finds hidden gems which are buried in your data, so that you can stop the data mining and act on insight instantly. From anomaly detection to automatic segmentation, we will make sure that you never miss any sign from your visitors. Finally: an analytics platform that will actually do the analysis for you.

Finding your own answers in exabytes of consumer data is always tedious and time-consuming. And it often leads you nowhere. Instead, our reports will point you in the right direction and provide you with powerful and useful insights as well as trends at your fingertips.

Your database should work for you, not against you.

Expect more from your data. Aitrillion uses a unique combination to produce the highest quality of customer data. Consistent volume, flexible targeting, and quality-assured results. It just works.
Pull Additional Information of your Known & unknown customers
Now you can get all the context that you need to sell smart. With Data Enrichment, know who you’re talking to and what they are up to, after all, your customers are your most valuable asset. Pull additional information from your visitors or customers and have personalized conversations with them.
Enrich your customer data
Without a complete view of your customer, you’re missing out on valuable business insight. Through data enrichment, we can help you append missing or incomplete information to enhance your customer records. Once you have a 360-degree view of your customers, you can create customized messaging so that your organization can effectively connect and engage with them.
Personalize your marketing
The information you already have serves as the key to unlocking greater insight. The greater insight you have about your customers, the better you can go about personalizing your marketing. This insight also guides strategic decisions, allowing you to maximize the potential of every campaign you send.