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Discover deep customer insights with customer timeline integrated across 8+ cummunication channel

Artificial Intelligence

 Introducing AI for your customer data. We have combined analytics with actionable insights. Our goal is to provide affordable, insightful and actionable automatic marketing strategies to sellers and to improve the customer experience as well.

Ai Custom Audience

Now with AiTrillion, you can easily break your customers down into segments like how frequently and recently they’ve purchased from your store, and utilize the provided engagement strategies tailored for each segment.

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AiTrillion personalizes content to all segments of audiences using browsing behavior, location, history and a lot more.

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Ai Prediction

Predictive analytics lets you predict customer behavior, shifts in their interests or the likelihood of events. Anticipate what and when to offer, to a customer who’s browsing your site.

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Ai Product Recommendation

With intelligent Recommendations built to give store owners the power to personalize product recommendations. Infuse recommendations with everything you know about your buyer- including their buying history, insights & real-time buyer behavior.

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