AI App

The best time to interact with your customers is when they are already on your website.

That’s why in-app messages are so effective. With AiTrillion’s in-app live chat, you get access to a variety of convenient options, along with the loyalty points, product recommendation and a lot more that AiTrillion is known for.

Some Ways You Can Use AI App

In-app notifications are messages that you can use to delight your visitors when they open your website.

Measure the success of your business through our in-app ratings. Gather site and product reviews to continually enhance your performance.

Loyalty Points

Now make your customer’s loyalty a reality. Earn the trust of your customers by dedicating them reward points.

Product Recommendations

AiTrillion’s product recommendation shows every visitor exactly what they are most likely to be interested in, anywhere on your website.

Personalised Offers

With AiTrillion you can personally communicate by behavior-driven, in-app offers to your targeted customers. It is a simple widget that lets you sell directly to your website visitors.

Email subscription

Our AI App will ask your visitors for their email ids which will help to prioritize high-value customers with email marketing. Sustain interest of your audience by simply keeping in touch through emails.

Additional features

Welcome First time visitors

On-boarding can be hard to achieve. Greet new audience and help them immediately see the real value in your website.

Boost your website ratings

We let you collect customer feedback and ask your biggest fans to write a review. Because behind every review there is an experience that matters.

Drive feature adoption

You can effortlessly raise awareness about cool features of your product by using AI app. A perfect way to make your website even more stickier.

Deliver personalised recommendations

AiTrillion’s unmatched targeting capabilities create the impeccable way to send personalized content to every customer.