Now it’s time to harness
the power of customer’s words!!

Stop missing out on capturing valuable ratings & reviews from verified buyers.
AiTrillion helps you collect & display customer reviews, photos, Q&A,
and more to increase your trust, and conversion rate.

Turn trust into sales
AiTrillion helps you to collect & display customer reviews, photos and Q&A, to increase your trust as well as conversion rate.
Intelligent review request
AiTrillion is able to determine the best time to ask for reviews to your customers, ensuring a high open and response rate.
Build social trust
AiTrillion lets you share your reviews on social media profiles to enhance customer trust, engagement, and traffic to the website.
Enhance SEO and improve ROI
Great customer reviews bring organic traffic to the website and will also increase the effectiveness of the paid ads.
Increase organic traffic with rich snippets
Stand out from your competitors and out-win your customers by displaying your reviews & ratings below each link in search results.
12X more reviews
Asking for reviews using AiTrillion’s intelligence will get you higher amount of reviews in less time.
Engage more customers with Q&A
Skeptical or curious customers can be satisfied with the question & answer feature. They can communicate with existing customers.
All in one platform
AiTrillion offers a completely integrated experience in one platform, giving you ultimate control over how your business collects, displays, and markets customer reviews.

What AiTrillion offers?

Reviews and Ratings

We make it easy for your customers to leave product reviews after a purchase.
  • Soaring Sales Figures
    Increase conversions and boost your profits.
  • Create repeat customers
    AiTrillion’s smart technology will bring customers back to your site. Recommending related products will convert your customers into lifelong buyers.
  • Incentivize Customers
    Offer appealing incentives to encourage customers to submit reviews towards future purchases.
  • Boost your store
    Reviewed scores and contents appear in search rankings, increasing your audience and sales

Let your customer’s words do all the selling for you!!

  • Custom Forms
    Gather the insights you need by customizing review forms including questions specific to your audience.
  • Fully Responsive
    Review request email is 100% responsive for mobile devices to allow reviews on-the-go.
  • Easy to customize
    Customize emails with your own colors and logo to help build brand recognition and loyalty.

Review directly in-email

Easily submit their review direct in-email hence increasing conversions by as much as 300%.

Good for SEO

Review contents are indexed by Search Engines, reach out to customers when they search for relevant keywords

Product Recommendations

Automatically showcase product reviews to gain a wider audience.

Visual Reviews

Collect and showcase reviews with pictures, an awesome approach to visual marketing. Let your customers take photos, upload, and share them with the world.