Fourleafrover is a one-stop destination for pet lovers who want their pets to get rid of unwanted turmoil. They worked with a professional veterinary surgeon for a long time to curate the most suitable product for pets for the best possible results.

All the ingredients of their products are carefully picked to give all the love and care to your furry friend that they deserve. Fourleafrover’s vet-approved formulas of organic products are free from toxins. Their products come with a Certificate of Analysis to prove they’re tested for the presence of harmful substances so you can feel good about choosing them for your dog.

Fourleafrover also promises to keep the planet safe for you and your dog. Pet products can have a significant environmental impact so every ingredient and piece of packaging is chosen for minimal impact.

They use 100% recycled plastic boxes for their products. It requires much less energy and water to manufacture than other plastic types. The PET plastic they use is BPA-free and is globally known and tested as a safe, easily recycled packaging material.

Fourleafrover believes that good health comes from within and that the foods and supplements you choose for your dog provides a huge impact on their health. All their all products are 100% safe and natural and are free of fillers, chemicals, and toxic ingredients.

This fish oil is a sustainable and healthy blend of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Oil and Ahiflower. Safe-Sea contains Ahiflower, a plant-derived source of essential omega fatty acids. Ahiflower contains GLA, which is good for skin health and reduced inflammation. 

While Green Lipped Mussel Oil is one of the most perfect sources of omega-3s, adding the GLA and SDA from Ahiflower makes Safe-Sea the best, premium oil for dogs.


Healthy brain matters both for humans as well as pets. This amazing brain booster nourishes your dog’s brain with the benefits of pesticide, hormone, and GMO-free ingredients. Every 1/2 teaspoon of Brain Food contains the equivalent of 1.5oz of the fresh, raw brain. The freeze-dried calf brain maintains heat-sensitive vitamins and minerals in the dog’s body. The blueberries have antioxidants that enhance the blood flow to the brain and activate parts of the brain linked to cognitive function.


Every dog needs fresh, organic products without having secret ingredients. Four Leaf Rover® products are examined by experts and do not contain any harmful substances. Their products only contain ingredients that they feel good about. Leaf Rove has very high standards in terms of product quality. They have used the best performing human health products and transformed them especially for dogs (and cats).

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“Dogs and animals have always been a big part of my life. Early on, I knew that a good diet was the most important foundation for good health. And my dogs all lived long and healthy lives, free of allergies and illness.

As the founder of Dogs Naturally, I connected with many of the holistic vets I worked with. They helped me heal my dogs with natural foods and remedies. But it was a frustrating experience since so many pet supplements contained harmful inactive ingredients or were sourced from China.

Today, my dogs are still thriving, thanks to simple additions to their diets. And with the support of the Dogs Naturally community, I created the Four Leaf Rover brand so I can share the same foods and success with millions of other dogs”.