At Greendigs, they believed that plants aren’t just nice — they’re necessary, refreshing our air and breathing right beside us. Greendigs is on a mission to make beautiful, thriving plants accessible to growers of all experience levels, in whatever space they call their own. They’re devoted to selling plant products that balance your home decorating style with a little hint of what grows wild. By partnering with hand-picked industry partners, artisans, and innovators, Greendigs strive to create a growing experience that’s specifically tailored to you.

We believe that together, we can grow something beautiful. @getgreendigs

Green and white striped Spider plants quickly fill out any hanging space. With shoots that look like stars spreading out in all directions, Spider plants give lush and vibrant energy to low-light areas of your space.

spider plant by greendigs
spider plant
leather display robe
peperomia plant
peperomia for home

Peperomia’s two-tone coloring and oversized, waxy leaf design make it a showstopper on any shelf. Also known as the baby rubber plant, Peperomia has a compact, vertical growth pattern and unique, rubber-like leaves that lend a distinctive look to small spaces.

home decor plant

Woodsy, warm Rosemary is the perfect addition to the herb-lovers kitchen. Whether it’s used fresh or dried, sprigs of Rosemary add a peppery and robust flavor to everything from breakfast dishes to your evening cocktail, and even savory desserts. It also adds a pop of rustic green to your spice-growing rack.

rosemary plant
rosemary plant for home
red chines plant for house

The Red Chinese Evergreen plant is hearty, full, and adds a vibrant pop of color in virtually any space. Lush, red-accented leaves give a dramatic feel to your favorite tablescape without requiring much in the way of day-to-day maintenance. Set it down and let it grow wild.

red chines plant

The ZZ plant is a glossy, bold, and graceful addition to vertical spaces. Growing upwards and outwards, mature leaves hold at a vibrant dark green while shoots of new growth will grow in a lighter, brighter shade. The ZZ plant fills up space where it grows without overwhelming your favorite tablescape.

zz plant for room
zz plant
decorative plant

Greendigs plants come preloved, grown with care by our greenhouse partners. After you’ve placed your order, your plant will arrive along with the essentials you’ll need to welcome your plant into your home. Each plant comes pre-potted and ready to grow happily in your space. With simple, easy-to-follow instructions, Greendigs will be right next to you in your journey rooting for your success. Whether you’re a plant enthusiast curating your own urban jungle, a wellness buff taking the next step to harvesting your own herbs, or brand new to the growing lifestyle, Greendigs is committed to helping you bring your space to life.