Hapa Christine manufactures a broad range of colored contact lenses using scientifically verified technology on superior robotic and automated production lines to guarantee clean and safe contact lens products. Hapa Christine is committed to designing the best product quality with partner manufacturers’ R & D departments. It has been 15+ years, they are in this industry and demonstrated new technologies such as CLS, Cast Molding System, blue light cut, and photochromism product production.

We maintain product quality and a high level of production capacity under a production system with state-of-the-art equipment and a clean environment. #Hapa Christine 

Create a warm and tender eye with this Okurrr Kristin. These lenses give you a natural and bright look. These soft lenses are best for daily wear. 

hapakristin lense

This natural Peaceful Kristin – Hazel lens is perfect for a party look. Made with bio-friendly materials and very hydrating and comfortable. Try to give your casual look a little shine.

These super comfortable lenses are created to you the power of girlishness. Easy to wear and does not cause any irritation on the eyes.

contact lense

Bomg Kristin – gray lenses can be used regularly. These soft lenses help you pop up your eyes and give you a complete party look.

Bomg Kristin - gray
Dr. Kristin's solution

Dr. Kristin’s solution is used to clean lenses. Store them in a contact lens case when not being worn, or disinfect & rinse lenses

Take these Carry Kristin lenses everywhere to quickly level up on your look. These lenses are made in Korea and are medically approved by FDA & CE.

Charcoal Gray

This limited edition is specially curated for lovely ladies who are looking for a perfect gift for their friend, sister, and mother.

Super hydrating and comfortable

People can feel your feelings without saying anything with this mesmerizing lens. Wear to express your feelings more accurately with a unique design!

Supernova Kristin in Blue lens perfect for a wild look. Add extra drama in your eyes and transform your look from cute to sexy.

To ensure safety, all products are thoroughly sealed with a high-quality solution by robot technology. In addition, all products undergo strict quality control to give the optimum quality to customers. As a result, their production method has led to unique quality.