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House of Blouse Experienced Phenomenal Growth within Months by Assigning 467k+ Loyalty


House of Blouse is an Indian fashion brand. They design blouses and sarees for the global woman who takes joy in what she wears and is particular about fit and finish. House of Blouse is feminine, exuberant, minimal, flirty, stern, whimsical, whiny, triumphant, soft…sometimes all in the same day.

Every House of Blouse garment is made to order and finished by hand. All their products are made in-house in the studio. It helps them keep a clear connection with their customers and have full control over the end to end process and quality of products.

How We Did It

  • Successfully accomplished 5,749 engagement events which include Push Notifications, Email Marketing, Smart Popups, Announcement Bar, Chatbot, Loyalty Rewards, and Review Requests.

  • 90.71% of customers are engaged in Engagement Meter.

  • Tracked 61,267 website visitors and 2,749 customers’ behavior across the website.  

  • Assigned 467,190 Loyalty Points to Houseofblouse’s customers.


Engagement Events


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Great Free App. Various Functionality and easy to set up. However, the learning curve to check all the features might be a bit too long for me. It’s worth all the time that I spent to learn it. Also, the support for this app is top-notch. Keep it up. Thank for this great app


~House of Mugs 

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