How Insect Sales Re-platformed to Engage 99.72% Website Visitors


Insect Sales stocks different types of insects for pets and food. They also offer live feeder insects and carry a full line of shipping supplies. 

Insect Sales sells Heat Packs, Shipping Boxes, Insulated Shipping Boxes, Cloth, and Burlap Bags, Plastic Containers, Vented Lids, and Excelsior.

How We Did It

  • Successfully accomplished 67,068 engagement events which include Push Notifications, Email Marketing, Smart Popups, Announcement Bar, Chatbot, Loyalty Rewards, and Review Requests.

  • 99.72% of customers are engaged in Engagement Meter.

  • Tracked 125,018 website visitors and 9,387 customers’ behavior across the website.

  • Assigned 444,396 Loyalty Points to Insect Sales’ customers. 


Engagement Events


Customers Engaged


Audience Tracked


Loyalty Points Assigned

Read What Our Customers Are Saying About Us.

We just started with Aitrillion. A few problems were handled very professionally and quickly. Programs work well and we are looking forward to a good future with Aitrillion. Keep up the good work. 



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