Of course! Email Marketing brings loyalty program to life. Who doesn’t want a healthy Reward program? We are lucky to have Email marketing which sets a connection between you & your customer. To have that connection as long term relationship one must have an effective Email campaign to bond with the Reward program. Emails Inspire Engagement and Excitement. The Loyalty reward program with effective email marketing is like having lead in a pencil. So, the Email & Reward program should not be the notion of separate entities but rather a combined potency. Both the tools need to drive a balance between, stimulate up curiosity & making really great offers. By combining them, you’ll give your customers a greater incentive to recapture online and buy. Encourage valuable, long-term commitment from your customers with well-designed Loyalty reward Emails.


“80% of customers say that – they are more admired to do business with a company that offers a personalized experience with email marketing combining with Loyalty reward redemption.”


The information you need to include in the Email marketing campaign to optimize the Loyalty Reward program while sending to your customer is:


Here are the details, how to create, implement & augment each email campaign which results in a hike in redemption rate:


1. Inform customer how many Bonus points they have earned, with bonus points email campaign:

Encourage your visitor or customer to be a loyal customer by sending them bonus points emails & engage them with a reward program. Send email campaigns related to reward points when the customer creates an account, make a purchase, or visit your store, follow on social media, share on the social platform, adding birthday date reward points. Reminding them that they are getting rewards points to redeem for future activities. And find ways to make your reward appealing.


“55% of customers join rewards programs to receive discounts”


2. Put the power of promotion into your loyal customer’s hand with Referral program promotional email:

Send a referral email campaign for awareness of referral reward points to the customer. Which they have got by referring to their friend. Referral code via email can be sent for getting reward points.

Send promotional email campaigns related to – if the customer is sharing the website or something related to the store on the social platform. Which leads to the acquisition of new customers from the Referral program.



3. Send product loyalty reward promotional emails to the customer:

Whenever your customer makes $X amount of purchase, send product promotional email related to product and the information of point Y they earned on the purchase of the product.

Send an email campaign on X Orders & details about getting Y Points. These will encourage the customer to buy more products in eagerness to earn more points.These will also keep your customers happy and engaged for future purchases. Send Re-engagement campaign email related to the points Y they earned on the purchase of the product or points they earned on no. of orders. These Re-engagement campaign email will help to get the customer back on the path of interaction with your brand. This kind of email gives the opportunity to touch base with your customer.




4. Member exclusives email:

Personalized Email for Exclusive or premium member having a birthday, offers or based on financial & purchase decisions can be sent to the member to grab their attention by giving them value by these customers begins to associate positive feelings with your brand.You can also send emails on anniversaries which can be another powerful way of increasing customer retention. For example to celebrate the first anniversary of your customer, send an anniversary email with gift vouchers or, etc. Anniversary email also helps to increase customer retention rates by expressing care for your customer & keeping your brand on a customer’s mind.

  • Tier System

According to the customer’s purchase behavior, you can make them feel personal. Give more value to your best customers with a powerful inbuilt Tier system and show this via Email Campaign for an increase in the lifetime value of the customer. You can promote loyalty programs in all promotional emails by including customer’s current tier and their point balance. This reminder of emails will assure the customer is always aware of the additional value they have and which will discourage them to purchase with your competitor.



5. Redemption campaign emails:

There are exiguous things customers like more than saving money. Give your customer option to redeem their Reward points as in Offer redemption Rewards to the customer for the points they have earned by the previous activities and give all this information to customers via Redemption campaign emails related to the following activities:

  • Money off – a fixed amount of off on total order with the redemption of points.
  • Percentage discount off on the customer’s entire order.
  • Free Shipping – Provide free shipping codes on a specific amount of points.
  • Free Product (Voucher) – Give any product free on specific amounts of points of the customer.
  • Product Discount (Voucher) – Give X% off on any product, on any specific points redeemed.

Redemption reminder emails can also be sent as an event-driven email or expiry of reward points, which will attract customers to buy the product with the redemption of reward points before the expiry of reward points. Because of fear of missing out the redemption opportunity.



“An email campaign is 6X more likely to result in a click-through than a Tweet.”


6. Thankyou emails:

Make your customer feel valuable by sending “Thank you emails” with every purchase and redemption of loyalty points and on required activities, informing & appreciating them through emails. When you appreciate your customer it will let you build positive customer relationships. So thank you email campaign are the best way to appreciate them for being part of your brand journey.
Smart brand thanks to its customers with appreciation emails. These emails will increase customer engagement, repeat purchase, as well as subscription rates which will increase brand loyalty.



“41% of open rates increase when a personalized email campaign is used, as well Personalized email campaign message improves click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversion by 10%.”



Stir up your customers with a combination of automated & personalized Loyalty reward program emails. Sending great Loyalty reward emails keep your customers engaged with your brand & will make your brand journey remarkable. One should keep in mind that customer engagement & experience should be the priority.
AiTrillion’s Loyalty program integration with email marketing makes it easier than ever to Engage, Retain and Recapture your customers. It’ll help you to retain and grow existing customers in no time. By incorporating, well designed and personalized promotional email campaign in your marketing strategy you can incourage valuable, long term commitment for your customer.
Keep in mind, personalization is key here!
So how you can send it to a huge list? The answer stands in these words i.e. automation, segmentation, and prediction.


Want to get ahead of the curve quickly? Try it yourself.