John Robshaw Textiles is an amazing source of block-printed textiles from India including bedding, tabletop, furniture, accessories, vintage one-of-a-kind treasures, & more. John Robshaw launched this store after exploring India and his real interest in fabric manufacturing. After completing his fine arts degree he journeyed to India to find natural indigo dye for his paintings. Later, he fell in love with the fabric-making traditions of the local artisans. The hands-on immediacy and intensity of textiles excited what was to become a lifelong fascination.

“A bit of John Robshaw is always a good idea.” – House Beautiful, The Rufino Report.

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hand stitched white quilt works
white quilt works

From the pages of Vogue to the bedrooms of the White House, John Robshaw’s textiles made their place everywhere. His throbbing, exotic homewares are inspired by traditional block-printing techniques, which he inquired about for years alongside local artisans in Central and Southeast Asia. Every product of his store reveals as much about his love of travel as it does about the elegant pattern.

In the mid-’90s, John Robshaw was just an artist who was trying to make his career in New York City as a painter. John Robshaw also did many jobs while studying to pay his bills and student loans. He was an assistant to artist Julian Schnabel. He learned textile design and block printing in India and then returned to New York with various fabrics he created, storing them on the floor in the corner of a group gallery space where his paintings were displayed.

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cushion covers and sofa set
“By working abroad, I become a minor character in the lives of the people I work with and get inspired by what I see and do there. I go to their weddings, celebrate their festivals, get sick with them. I develop relationships with the people who are teaching me. When you look at my textiles, it’s as if you’ve been on the world tour alongside me.” John Robshaw

“I want all the colors, techniques, and designs from each culture to blend. I redesign them and mix up the processes. I edit them, learn from them, make them my own, but retain their essence”. @johnrobshaw

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With his passion and zeal for doing something creative, Robshaw left the art world behind to establish a thriving furniture and textile business. He is still an artisan and works closely with international artisans to design art pieces.

Robshaw has scaled his business, partnered with international brands like UNIQLO, Lucky Jeans, and Swell, and features in many wide popular magazines.

John Robshaw Textiles
John Robshaw Textiles

John Robshaw started with fabrics by yard then moved into pillows, quilts, and into bedding and upholstered furniture. He has been roaming around a lifestyle world since then as they are also a print company. John Robshaw Textile also licenses fabrics and furniture with brands like Duralee and Robert Allen and also collaborated with a lot of brands.

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John Robshaw believed that every hand-made fabrics from around the world have a story. Woodblocks are hand-carved by people whose ancestors were block carvers. The block printers come from the same villages, so there is a story in the craft. There’s a soul that exists in hand-printed textiles where the hand of the craftswoman can be seen.