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Can I edit the code of the form before Installing It on my website?

    Yes, It’s possible to edit the form code as per your requirements. You need to find an HTML code from the app dashboard and paste the whole code in your page content. Please follow the following instruction to find out how you can edit and add the feature on the same page.



    Step.1 Copy the HTML code of your form from the app dashboard.

    Docsdisplay 11

    Step.2 Go to the Shopify admin dashboard and select the page.

    Docsdisplay 12

    Step.3 Paste the HTML code and save the page.

    Docsdisplay 13

    Remember, you will have to copy and paste the HTML code. Whenever you make any custom changes in your form. Kindly have a look into this video, It will help you to understand “ How to generate HTML code and place in Shopify store“. After place an HTML code you can edit your page as per your requirements. Please check and If you need any further assistance kindly write to our support team.


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