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Create a Workflow Automation Manually

    Workflow automation can be created by following a few steps mentioned below.

    NOTE – Before proceeding, create your customized message which you want to use while sending the email via workflow. For guidance, Click Here

    Step 1. Login to AiTrillion

    Step 2. Go to Email Marketing > Workflow Automation > Create


    Step 3. Select any Triggers from the list. An example is shown in the below snapshot, for Contact is Added trigger then choose the source and proceed further.


    Step 4. Then, choose any filter or delay as per your requirement and connect the nodes. An example is shown below in the screenshot, in which Send Email from Actions is added and connected with trigger block.

    NOTE: For choosing a message, the message should be created first. 



    Step 5. Modify or update the email settings regarding the email to be sent via workflow.

    Step 6. Enable the workflow, give a name to the workflow, choose the contact throttling, and save.



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