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Create Free Product Reward

    Create a free product reward in exchange for the points they have earned. Follow the steps below to set up a Free product reward.

    Step 1. Login to AiTrillion.

    Step 2. Go to Loyalty Rewards > Redeem Points> Free Product Reward Setting

    Step 3. Configure the settings according to your requirements then click on the update button at the bottom right corner.

    Note: Make sure the widget is enabled on the top left corner.

    free product reward gallery setting


    Step 4. Copy the shortcode and paste it onto the page where you want to show the product listing.

    Step 5. Now go to Loyalty Rewards >Redeem Points > Create Free Product Reward

    Loyalty program Free product


    Step 6. Click on Add New Reward in the top right corner.

    Create Free Product

    Step 7. A popup will appear.

    Step 8. Fill in the details in the popup (Enter the product ID and the number of points to claim the reward).

    Free Product loyalty program settings


    It will look like this in the Store.


    Note: Once the customer clicks on the Buy Now button then the discount code will be created automatically and redirected to the checkout page.

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