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Create Custom Fields

    Custom fields are the additional fields you need in the platform and used for mapping the CSV file headers you are importing. Follow the steps below to create custom fields:

    Step 1. Log into AiTrillion.

    Step 2. Go to Email Marketing > Contacts > Custom Fields


    Step 3. Click on the Create New Field button (top-right corner of the screen).


    Step 4Now, write a name or label of the field, select the type (data type which can be added under this field), and then select the Group to which this field belongs. Once done, click on the Save button.

    All the created fields can be viewed or edited from the custom field main area. You can edit and/or delete fields from here.


    Where to use a custom field?

    When importing a customer or contacts CSV file, these created custom fields can be used for mapping the columns or headers. For guidance on importing customer CSV files Click Here.



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