Design email template using email editor

    Design beautiful Email templates with powerful email editor on Ai Trillion.

    You can design emails using HTML editor as well as Drag and Drop Email editor with ease. Please check quick steps below to design email templates.

    Step 1:

    Open Email editor, go to Email Marketing > Workflow Automation > Email Templates.



    We have collections of pre-built email templates based on some standard criteria for email marketing. Templates can be used in below two ways –

    • Reuse pre-built or available templates by clicking the “Use Now” button.
    • Or “Create a new template” from scratch.


    Step 2:- If you create a new template, click on the Create New Template button at the top-right corner of the screen. Then, click on the Design Editor.

    emailtemplate editing1


    Step 3:- Now, Email Template Editor will appear. Here you have options which are as follows:-

    • Add Block
    • Edit Block

    A.  Add Block: Multiple options are available for adding any specific type of block. View snapshot. Select any one of the available options and click Add Block button.

    Add block

    edit language112121


    2. Edit Block: Edit newly added or any existing block. Then, click on button Save Changes after edits/updates.


    edit block


    emailtemplate editing123


    Step 4: After customizing the template, your template is ready to use for email marketing. These templates will be visible in the select box under Select Templates in email campaigns.


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