Email Workflow Automation Series to recover abandoned cart

    Send reminder email (with follow up emails) to your customers to recover the abandoned carts and increase the sales.

    Step 1.
    Go to Email Marketing > Workflow Automation > Create.


    Step 2.
    Drag and drop cart is abandoned trigger into the canvas


    Step 3.
    Drag and drop an action node Delay into the workflow canvas to wait a relative period of time e.g. 10 minutes.


    Step 4.
    Drag and drop a filter node Cart Status to check the status of cart


    Step 5.
    Add an action node Send Email and configure it to send abandoned cart email. If the cart status is still abandoned this will send an email to customer.


    Step 6.
    Add action nodes Delay & Send Email, and a filter node Cart Status to wait for relative period of time e.g. 1 week and check the cart status than send a follow up email.


    Step 7
    Now you can wait for e.g. 1 month before sending 3rd follow up email. If the cart status is still abandoned. Repeat above steps for same.

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