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How Affiliate Program Work

    Here is the basic guide for working of the Affiliate Program.

    Step 1. Login to AiTrillion.

    Step 2. Enable the Affiliate module.

    Step 3. Do the General Configuration.

    Step 4. Create a Rule.

    Step 5. Create a Program.

    Step 6. Any customer can register as an affiliate on the store.

    Note: Paypal email is not mandatory to become an affiliate. You can pay to the affiliate via Paypal or manually as well.

    Step 7. Affiliate can see all activate programs (created by you) here:

    Step 8. Affiliate can update their code from here:


    Step 9. Affiliate can generate their URL to share with their friends and family.


    Step 10. When someone placed an order using the affiliate’s link they can see the order’s history and balance here:


    Step 11. Affiliates can request for the withdrawal from here:


    Step 12. You can check all affiliates transaction here:


    Step 13. You can pay to the affiliate from here:


    Note: You can pay with Paypal or pay manually. Manually means you can pay by any mode. Like Bank Transfer, UPI, Cash, or any other mode in which you want.

    If an affiliate registered using the Paypal email then only both buttons will show (Pay with Paypal and Pay Manually).


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