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How conditional logic works?

    Conditional logic makes your form dynamic and more efficient, If you want to show or hide certain fields based on the user input, you can easily use conditional logic for this. AAA Form Builder gives you three types of conditional logic to make your form dynamic:-

    1. Show/Hide Field
    2. Change Email Recipient
    3. Conditional Redirect

    Show/Hide Field: Add dynamic field conditions to show or hide a specific field based on user input. Follow the steps for guidance –

    Step 1. Log in to your Shopify store and navigate to Apps > AAA Form Builder.

    Step 2. Create a new form or edit an existing form.

    conditional logic 1

    Step 3. Navigate to Form Settings -> Conditions -> Show / Hide Field

    conditional logic 2

    Step 4. Click on the Add a new condition button

    conditional logic 3

    Step 5. Select a field from the IF drop-down list. You will see all the fields that are available in your form on which condition can be applied.

    conditional logic 4

    Step 6. Select a condition from the STATE field. Following options are available

    • Is Equal To
    • Is Not Equal To
    • Contains
    • Does Not Contain
    • Is Empty
    • Is Filled

    conditional logic 5

    Step 7. Enter a Value to check with

    conditional logic 6

    Step 8. Select the Action you want to perform (show or hide) and Select the Field which you want to show or hide

    conditional logic 7

    conditional logic 8

    Step 9. After creating a new condition, click on the Save button to save the settings.

    conditional logic 9


    Example: If you want to show the Review field only when the user selects Yes from the dropdown then you create a condition like below

    IF Want to submit a review?
    STATE Is Equal To
    VALUE Yes
    DO Show
    FIELD Review

    conditional logic 10


    You can create multiple IF conditions, and multiple Do action based on your requirements

    conditional logic 11


    Conditional Redirect

    Refer to How to create conditional thank you page redirect logic? article to learn more about how to use Conditional Redirect on your form.


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