How customers can earn points?

    Loyalty points can be earned in a variety of ways in AiTrillion app. Below are some activities available in the app for earning points –

    1. Make a purchase
    2. Create an account
    3. Refer a friend
    4. Visit store
    5. Buy $X get Y points
    6. On X Orders get Y points
    7. Happy Birthday
    8. Leave a review
    9. Follow on Instagram
    10. Follow on Twitter
    11. Follow on Facebook
    12. Follow on Pinterest
    13. Facebook Share
    14. Facebook Share On Thank You
    15. Allow Push Notification


    Steps to earn points –

    Step 1. A customer simply needs to click “Earn Rewards” tab and login/register to the store.





    Step 2. After login or registering, customers can then choose from the earning actions you’ve set in your Activity Rules section under Loyalty Rewards.



    Customers will also get notified after login if they have performed any specific activity in the app. For example, a customer logged in and got points for allowing push notifications as shown in the image below –


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