How to Assign a Customer in a List

    You can assign a customer to the list in multiple ways:

    How to create a list – Click Here

    From the Customer Detail Page

    Step 1. Go to Email Marketing > Contacts > All Contacts.


    Step 2. Click on the Timeline of the customer.


    Step 3. On the right side click on the List tab then click on the Add to List button.


    Step 4. Select a list in which you want to add the customer then click on Save.


    Using Import CSV

    When you import a CSV it will ask you to choose a list to which the customers will assign.

    How to Import CSV – Click Here


    From Newsletter Popup

    When you create a newsletter popup then it will ask to select a list in which the subscribers will assign.

    How to create Newsletter Popup – Click Here


    From Workflow Automation

    You can assign a customer to a list based on his activities.

    How to create a workflow – Click Here


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