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How to create free shipping discount coupon for subscribed members?

    Free shipping discount coupon for the subscribed members of the app can be created by following below-mentioned steps –

    1. Create a membership plan in the app and copy the customer tag of that plan.

    Discount shipping 1

    2. Now, create a customer group in Shopify

    a. Search or filter customer list
    First, you can search for customers or you can filter your customer list by clicking Filters. There are lots of options for you to choose from. For example, when we filter with tagged with and add facebook, customers using the tag facebook will appear.

    Discount shipping 2

    Discount shipping 3

    b. Select Save search
    Next, choose Save search on the right of the page.

    Discount shipping 4

    c. Type the name for your search result
    Then, type the name for your search result to continue.

    Discount shipping 5

    d. Create customer groups
    You can choose to save a search under the two option which is saved as a new group or just overwrite an existing save search.

    Discount shipping 6

    e. Choose Save

    Don’t forget to choose Save to save your search and at the same time, create a new customer group.

    Discount shipping 7

    One thing you should remember is that customer groups can be automatically updated, therefore, customers can be added or deleted from their group, which depends on the filters or search terms used to make the customer group.

    3. After following the above-mentioned steps, navigate to Discounts and create a free shipping discount coupon for a specific customer group.

    Discount shipping 8

    You can now share this discount coupon with your members(either by emails sent to them through the app or showing this code on customer accounts page) so that they can get free shipping at checkout after members log in.


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