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Change the language, Text, and Font of AiTrillion Modules in your Store

    How to edit all language on AiTrillion from AiTrillion.com on Vimeo.

    You can change the language, text, and font of the front end area of AiTrillion widget’s through our language options to match it with your store language. We support all languages.

    Follow the below steps to edit the language:-

    Step 1. Edit the language of the Loyalty Rewards program > Setup Now | Need Help

    Step 2. Edit the language of the Review  > Setup Now | Need Help

    Step 3. Edit the language of the Ai Chat > Setup Now | Need Help

    Step 4. Edit the language of the Ai Box > Setup Now | Need Help

    Step 5. Edit the language of the Smart Popup > Setup Now | Need Help

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