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How to expire a recurring plan after some intervals?

    The Plan Expiration Interval allows you to set a time interval after which the subscription plan expires automatically for the subscribers. Once the plan is expired for a subscriber, they will not be charged and stop getting the benefits of the subscribed plan.


    For example, if you create a monthly subscription plan, and set the plan expiration interval as one year. When a user subscribes to the plan. The user will get the benefits of the plan and pay the recurring payment for one year, after that his plan automatically expires and does not renew after one year.


    Follow the below steps to enable this feature:-


    Step 1. Log in to the Shopify store admin area and go to Apps > AAA Membership Subscription

    Step 2. Create a new plan or edit an existing plan

    Edit Plan

    Step 3. Scroll down to the Expiration Interval setting.

    Expiration Interval

    Step 4. Enter the number and select the duration

    Select interval

    Step 5. Click on the Save button

    Save button


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