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How To Find Customer

    You can easily find any customers by applying a filter on the customer list page. Below are the steps:

    Step 1. Login To AiTrillion.

    Step 2. Go to Email Marketing > Contacts > All Contacts.


    Step 3. Click on Add filter link.


    You can search in many ways like by first name, last name, email, and many more.


    Step 4. Filter using the First Name:

    Step 4.1. Click on First Name.


    Step 4.2. Select an option by which you want to filter the customers.


    Step 4.3. Fill the value in the field and click on Done.


    Step 4.4. Click on the Run Filter button.


    The results will be shown below in the list.


    You can reset the filters by clicking on the Clear Filter button.


    You can follow the same process with other filters as well.

    Note: If you want to filter the customers using an email address then you need to search with the exact value.

    Step 5. Filter using the email address.

    Step 5.1. Click on Email.


    Step 5.2. Choose the required option.


    Step 5.3. Fill the exact value (full email) and click on Done.


    Step 5.4. Click on the Run Filter button.


    The results will be shown in the list below:


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