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How To Migrate To AiTrillion From Membership App

    AiTrillion introduced the Membership feature in it.

    If you are using the Recurring Membership app in your Shopify store then you can easily migrate the data to AiTrillion and uninstall the Membership app. So no need to install 2 separate apps.


    Since you have already set up plans, subscribers, and all the things in the Membership app.

    So once you install AiTrillion in your store then you can access the same features/settings here as well.

    First, you need to contact regarding the migration.

    Then you will receive an update from the team to uninstall the Membership app.

    Then you can uninstall the app and access the membership feature from the AiTrillion app.

    Click on Membership > Dashboard in the sidebar.


    Then update the AiTrillion support team by reverting to the same email.


    Note – If you directly uninstall the Membership app then the membership of the existing subscribers will be canceled.


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