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How to replace shopify default registration form with the form created in the app?

    In Shopify, various themes are available. So, file structure may vary accordingly. Here is the guidance on how you can replace the default registration form in your Shopify store theme.

    1. After creating a form in the app, copy the shortcode or embed code of the form.

    2. Now, from your Shopify store admin go to Online Store > Themes(Published theme) > Edit code.

    3. Under Templates, open file customers/register.liquid file.

    4. Find schema tag “{% form %}” in the file and append {% comment %} before it.

    5. Similarly, find schema tag “{% endform %}” tag and append {% endcomment %} after it.

    6. Completing procedure up to 5th step means you have commented the Shopify default registration form. After that, paste the copied embed code either after {% endcomment %} or before {% comment %} tag which you have recently added.

    7. Save.


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