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Send Email to a Single Customer

    Step 1. Login to AiTrillion.

    Step 2. Go to Email Marketing > Contacts > Lists.


    Step 3. This screen will appear. Now click on Create New List as shown below in the screenshot. 


    Step 4. Now, add Internal Name, External Name, and Description (Optional) of the list and click on the Save or Update button


    Step 5. After saving you can see the created list.


    Step 6. From the sidebar go to Email Marketing > Contacts > All Contacts and click on the Timeline of the customer to whom you want to send the email.


    Step 7. Now, click on the List tab and then click on the Add to List button as shown below in the snapshot.


    Step 8. Now, select the list that you have created and click on Save to proceed.


    Step 9. Now, go to Email Marketing > Campaigns


    Step 10. Click on Create Campaign on the top right corner of the screen.


    Step 11. Select the list that you have created under the Include List section and click on the Save and Continue button as shown below in the snapshot. You will see that 1 matched audience in the corner will appear (number of customers that you have selected to send an email)


    Step 12. Create an email that you want to send and fill in all the mentioned fields.



    Step 13. Click on Save and Continue. The email will be sent to the customer who has been selected.


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