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Create A Cookie Bar

    Display a notice bar asking your visitor’s consent for cookies used in the store.

    Follow the steps below to set up a cookie bar for your store

    Step 1. Login to AiTrillion.

    Step 2. Go to Announcement Bar > Dashboard.


    Step 3. Click on Create New button.

    Note: Make sure the App Status is enabled

    Step 4. A popup will appear, Give the name of the bar and select Cookie Bar from the dropdown and click on Save.


    Step 5. Select any predefined template of your choice and edit it accordingly.


    Step 6. Click on the Content tab and write what you want to show in your cookie bar. Enter the name for the button to be used and the URL it will point to.


    Step 7. Click on the Design tab to customize the look and feel of the cookie bar as per your requirements.


    Step 8. Configure the Behaviour setting of the bar as per your requirements. You can also use the schedule bar setting if you wish to show the bar only for a certain date range and in a certain time zone.


    Step 9. Click on the Save button and enable the bar.


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