How to setup a Cookie Bar?

    Display a notice bar asking your visitor’s consent for the cookies used on the store.

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    Display a cookie bar on  your store

    Following are the steps to setup a cookie bar for your store

    Step 1.
    Login to AiTrillion, and navigate to Announcement Bar pageEnable the module and click on Create New button.


    Step 2.
    In the pop up, enter Bar Name. And select Type as “Cookie Bar” from the list. Click on Save button.


    Step 3.
    Select a template from available templates. Skip this step to customize design of the bar manually.


    Step 4.
    Click on content tab. And write the text which you want to show in the cookie bar. Enter the button label and enter URL.


    Step 5.
    Click on design tab and customize the look and feel of the cookie bar as per your requirements through below options.


    Step 6.
    Configure the Behaviour setting of the bar as per your requirements.

    6.1 Click on behaviour tab and specify animation settings as per your requirements.


    6.2 Now select Bar Options. You can check/uncheck these options as per your needs.


    6.3 Check Schedule Bar option if you want to schedule it. Than select time zone, start date and end date as per your requirements.


    Step 7.
    Click on Save button to save the cookie bar.

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