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Setup Custom Popup

    Display Custom Popups on your store to capture more customer data which will help you with your marketing and sales.

    Step 1. Login to AiTrillion.

    Step 2. Go to Smart Popups > Custom Popup


    Step 3. Click on the Create New button to create a custom popup.


    A popup will appear, enter a name for the custom popup and click on the Save button.


    Step 4. Use these fields to modify or change your popup in any way you desire.

    Design: Go to the design section of the popup to change the popup text font-styles, popup positioning, button colors, add a template, button text, and more.


    Content: Use the content section to edit various fields related to the content you use in your popup.


    Behavior: Go to the behavior section to edit behavior related settings of your popup including the page(s) where you want to display this popup.


    Step 5. Click on the save button and enable us to Save the popup.

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