How to setup a Custom Popup?

    Display a custom popup such as for registration to capture leads on your store.

    Feature Overview
    Display a sign up pop up for first time visitors.


    Following are the steps to create a Custom Popup.

    Step 1.
    Login to AiTrillion, Go to Smart Popups -> Custom Popups. Custom Popups page will appear.


    Step 2.
    Customize the look and feel of your custom pop up.

    2.1 Set the pop up position, by choosing one of the below available positions. Where you want pop up to appear on the screen.


    2.2 Set the button style by enter button URL (generally register page of Shopify) and text, and set the button style as per the settings.


    2.3 Set Pop Up Style by setting overlay opacity, it specifies the transparency of an overlay. Popup width and popup height in pixels.


    Step 3.
    Customize content of your custom pop up.

    3.1 On content tab, click the Browse button to upload a new image or Delete if you don’t want to use any image. Than set the image alignment and image position.


    3.2 Update the Body content and background as per your requirements using available settings.


    3.3 Update the footer text, which appears below the Sign up button.


    Step 4.
    Customize the behaviour of your pop up.

    4.1 Click on Behavior tab and select Display Rule. When you want to display the pop up to your customer once they open your web store.

    4.2 Set the Display Frequency, when you want to show the pop up again to your customers after its first appearance.


    4.3 Click on Display Where section and select where you want to show this pop up on your store.


    Step 5.
    Click on the Save button to save it, and Enable Pop up.

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