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Setup An Announcement Bar

    Feature Overview

    Create an eye-catching announcement bar with pre-designed templates & flaunt your offers across the website.

    Follow the below steps to set up the announcement bar on your Shopify store.

    Step 1. Login to AiTrillion.

    Step 2. Go to Announcement Bar > Dashboard.


    Step 3. Click on the Create New button.

    Note: Make sure the App Status is enabled.

    Step 4. A popup will appear, give the name of the bar and select Announcement Bar from the dropdown and click on the Save button.

    Step 5. Select any predefined template of your choice and edit it accordingly.


    Step 6. Go to the Content section to edit the content of the announcement bar. Use the multi-message slider feature to add multiple messages to your announcement bar.


    Step 7. Go to the Design section to edit the colors and design of the Announcement Bar. Feel free to use a custom image as the bar background.


    Step 8. Click on the Behaviour section and specify settings as per your needs. You can also schedule an announcement bar for a specific date range.

    Step 9. Enable the bar and click on the Save button to save the announcement bar.

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