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How To Setup Automation Based On A Segmented Audience

    Step 1. Log in to the app.

    Step 2. Go to Email Marketing > Contacts > Segment.


    Step 3. Click on Create New Segment button at the top right corner.


    Step 4. Click on the Add Filter link.


    Step 5. Select an option to filter out the customers.


    Step 6. Select an option and input the value.


    Step 7. Click on the Run Filter button.


    Step 8. Click on the Save Segment button.


    Step 9. Enter the name of the Segment and click on the Save Segment button.


    Step 10. Go to Email Marketing > Workflow > Create.


    Step 11. Drag the trigger from the left side.


    Step 12. Click on the trigger and choose the segment name in the field.


    Step 13. Drag an action from the left side and connect it with the trigger.


    Step 14. Click on the Action and choose a message which you want to send in the workflow.


    The email will be sent to the customers as soon as they placed 2 orders (according to the settings).


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